Warranty Policy

Items designed and marketed by Bendita Seas pass through quality control tests.

Bendita Seas was no responsible for disadvantages or damages caused by abuse, contact with external agents that damage the product or washing processes and careful not recommended. If the purchased item has any problem or defect quality by manufacturing and have followed all the recommendations of care and wash, and the term of the warranty offered has not expired, please write a message indicating the failure to email or write it through the chat of the show online. If the Bendita Seas contact authorizes the return of the item acquired for verification it must be sent in the same condition as received at the following address: Calle 82 # 14A17 Of. 504 Bogotá, Colombia, with payment receipt.

If the item meets the conditions described above and has’t made previously a change, it will be sent to Quality Control Area for the analysis of the inconvenience or defect and appropriate decision to be taken warranty request. The effectiveness of the security will be advanced by the rules contained in Law 1480 of 2011 and Decree 735 of 2013.

Once the area of Quality Control authorized the arrangement or change, or determines that the guarantee request has been denied, the area of Customer Service will send the response to the email client within 15 working days of receipt of the garment. This period does not include the time needed if viable settlement of the article, in which case it will explain the procedure and delivery time in the message sent. The customer will receive the item repaired or a new one at home or at the address indicated, or the same article if Its denied the guarantee, in the time stipulated by our authorized courrier.